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    posted a message on Popular HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for January 21

    This type of post has always been to show the most popular decks on the site for the entire week with no filter. With that said, we could definitely do a better job at promoting deck guides from all types of community members. I used to do a ton of deck spotlights but it fell out of favor over the past year for various reasons. It especially gets hard when Hearthstone hits spots where there isn't much innovation and all you end up seeing is complaints like "not this boring shit again".

    If anyone ever comes across an awesome guide on the site they think deserves some front page love, my inbox here is always open and I'd love to see your message in it.

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    posted a message on Popular HearthPwn Standard and Wild Decks of the Week for January 21

    We don't have that many Wild decks on the site which means ones that don't appear to be very popular end up being quite up there relatively speaking. If more people were interested in Wild and not only submitted more decks for it but also made use of decks they found on the site for the format, we'd see higher upvoted Wild decks.

    I wish the format had more players. It's too hard to get newer people into though and with the mass disenchanting people did back when Wild first became a thing, even veterans aren't going to be that interested in the format due to missing big cards. When Standard has so many must-have cards that people still don't have, they're more likely to craft those instead.

    Blizzard really needs to figure their shit out this year with Wild. I remain hopeful in that they'll give us a good announcement one day for the format and not just a single tournament for an entire year as a way to "support the format more". 💩

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    posted a message on A Champion Has Been Crowned - HCT 2017 Day 4 Recap, VOD, and Results

    The timeframe is usually within 2 weeks of the event conclusion.

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    posted a message on Recap and Results for Day 3 of the Hearthstone World Championship
    Quote from ronin2x >>

    thats weird. then why let tom, frozen and jason play again at all if its treated that way?

    The tournament is broken up into two phases:

    Group Stage

    Everyone takes part in group play. Each player gets paired with another to fight against. After that initial fight, the two players who won their games fight each other and the two losing players fight. The player who wins in the winners battle moves on to Single Elimination automatically since they are now 2-0. The player who loses the losing players fight is eliminated from the event since they are now 0-2.  The final two players left in the group are tied at 1-1 and will now fight each other as the last fight in the group with the winner moving on to the SE portion.

    Single Elimination

    The players are seeded based on their placement. Each person who won their group is paired with another player who came in second in a different group. Group A and Group B players are paired with each other - Example: DocPwn (GRP A Winner) & JazonZhou (GRP B 2nd). The match directly below them in their half of the bracket will do the same for the winner of group C and second place Group D. The second half of the bracket is the same thing, but the inverse. By seeding it this way, the only way the two people who advanced from the same group can eliminate each other is in the championship match - it allows players to fight different opponents to get a real determination of skill.

    Honestly, I'd like to see Double Elimination instead of SE for the final phase, but DE takes a lot of extra time and by doing so they likely wouldn't broadcast all the matches.

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    posted a message on Recap and Results for Day 3 of the Hearthstone World Championship

    My mind was telling me to go Fr0zen but my body was telling me to go Purple.

    Damn body!

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    posted a message on Pretty unhappy with this site
    Quote from Irhcsa >>
     I guess you're right. Here are the emails from them over just the past 2 days...
    For like 6 months I get at least 3 emails a day from them. Pops up on my email, get notification in games, my phone keeps getting full of them.
    Are the contents of the emails sent by HearthPwn on any particular day the exact same as the rest? Due to it being in the salt thread, I suspect we've got a limit to how big each email can be so on a very busy day we need to send multiple emails to distribute the massive amount of content to make it sendable.
    Also, that isn't anywhere near 1231232131241312312 emails a week. Your post made me think we were flooding you, quite the opposite. If you don't want us emailing you notifications, uncheck "Receive All Notifications in an Email" on the account page linked above. You can also create a filter on Gmail if you want to automatically delete messages that meet specific criteria.
    To create the said filter:
    • In the search field of Gmail, enter "subject:(what's happening at hearthpwn)"
    • Under the more button, click "create filter"
    • In that popup, click "create filter with this search"
    • Check the "Delete it" option.
    • Click "create filter". Optionally, check the "apply filter to matching conversations" option.
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    posted a message on Pretty unhappy with this site
    Quote from Draco_Cracona >>

    as well as the fact that some information just isn't deemed worthy of news posts; stuff like arena changes, for example. 

    What Arena changes are you talking about? To my knowledge, we've posted about all of them.
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    posted a message on How to export card collection to hearthpwn without innkeeper?

    We don't have any other way to import collections onto the site, ecehaq. The only method we support for bulk importing is the Innkeeper application. If you want to input your collection manually, you have that option but do note we do not allow users to input their golden cards manually due to site achievements being tied to it.

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    posted a message on E-mail change


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    posted a message on Scam Ads on Hearthpwn making it Unusable
    Quote from coolcool1999 >>


    I appreciate this very much. There have been different adds in the past with similar issues, but this most recent one has been the most troublesome and rage inducing. I appreciate that the Hearthpwn staff is taking this seriously. Thank you very much.
    If you ever encounter bad ads, please let us know! The only way we can get rid of frustrating ads is with everyone letting us know they're out there. These are all the things we consider bad ads:
    • Firearms / Weapons
    • Adult / Adult (Porn)
    • Alcohol
    • Suggestive (sexually provocative)
    • Pop-up
    • Gold selling, or anything related to it
    • Excessive flashing
    • Warning (e.g. ad that appears to be a warning window from your computer)
    • Uninitiated audio (audio starts playing without user enabling/hovering)
    • Pop-under (pop-up window that appears behind current window)
    • Floating (e.g. elements in ad float above page’s content. Disable by clicking a sometimes difficult-to-see x/close button)

    Any of that, get us as much information as possible and we can get rid of them. This article contains some good info on what we need.

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