Hearthstone Beta Opt-In Issue

  • We recently discovered an issue with the beta opt-in process where the opt-in selection setting for Hearthstone (and Heroes of the Storm) may not have been saving properly for Battle.net accounts with no game licenses attached. This issue is now resolved, so any beta opt-in selections going forward should save properly in your Battle.net account.

    Please note that we haven’t yet invited everyone into the Hearthstone closed beta test who has opted in. That said, if you have opted in and have not received an invite email, one reason could be because of the above issue, so we highly recommend that you double-check your opt-in settings here. (While we are not ready to begin beta testing for Heroes of the Storm, please do opt in if you want to help us test that game.)

    We’re still working on a number of issues as part of the Hearthstone beta-test process—primarily around server-load improvements and stability. We’ve made a lot of progress since the first server issues were reported and plan to continue inviting players into the Hearthstone closed beta test via the opt-in process. Everyone who opts in to the Hearthstone closed beta test will be invited to participate at some point before Hearthstone moves into open beta testing.

    If you have been opted in for a while, have not yet received an invite, and were not impacted by the issue described above, we strongly recommend that you check your junk and spam folders as well as your Promotions tab (for Gmail users). Hearthstone beta invite emails have a tendency to end up in one of those locations.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and once again thank all of you for your interest in helping us test Hearthstone.
  • I've been signed up for a few months now and haven't gotten a key. I use the HTML view of Gmail, so the promotions tab isn't an issue for me.

    I have no game licenses attached to my account. How, exactly, do i fix my opt-in selection? Do i redo it?

    Please go here and make sure that the Hearthstone beta selection setting is properly selected. If not, please select it, and update your preferences.
  • 12/03/2013 07:36 PMPosted by JHouse
    So if your check boxes for the betas are checked when you log in that means you didnt have this bug to begin with? means you are all good?

    That is correct.
  • Both HOTS and Hearthstone are checked on my opt-in list. I haven't been checking my spamfolder in months and gmail deletes spam after 30 days. If I have gotten an email but it is deleted, am I screwed, or will Heartstone beta automatically appear in my games list on battle.net and the new battle.net launcher?

    Edit: Currently I dont have an active Wow subscription, but as I said, the boxes were checked. Am I okay?

    If you have already been sent a Hearthstone beta invite and it was deleted by your email provider, then there is unfortunately nothing we can do about it at this time. However, as noted in another thread, we are working on something that may allow us to resend such lost invite emails at a future date. No promises though.

    If your boxes are checked, then you are properly opted in.
  • I suspect there's more to this closed beta testing then meets the eye. For example, maybe they want people with a different range of setups from bad to amazing to see how well the game runs.

    Let's say your setup was mid ranged and you opted in 3 months ago (for example). If they already have a ton of mid ranged people, you will have to wait longer.

    Let's say your friend has a low tier computer system and he opted in (for example) two weeks ago. If there were a small portion of people with a low tier system, he'd get his key quicker, since they still need to test that further.

    Mind you, this is just a guess and even if I'm right, it won't be the only factor, there's likely many more thoughts going on here. But what I'm trying to say is that a strictly first come first serve basis probably wouldn't work for all that they need to test.

    With that said, I still agree, I've been waiting for months to get a key and it still hasn't happened. It's annoying seeing people opt in and get a key right away.

    The opt-in selection is completely random. However, we are starting to notice a significant amount of players that were sent Hearthstone beta invites that have not yet redeemed their beta key. As such, it is highly recommended that all players still waiting for their Hearthstone closed beta invite to please check their spam folders and Promotions tab (for Gmail users), as the Hearthstone beta invite emails have a tendency to end up in those locations.
  • Aratil,

    Is there a problem of some sort with sending invites to the foreign email addresses (not talking about Gmail but the local domain emails)?
    I haven't seen anyone in my country in EU outside those who have an access via friends and family, who got their beta key invite on their email.

    We are not aware of any issues with sending the Hearthstone beta invite emails to foreign email addresses.
  • Aratil - Please explain this:


    The issue has been reported almost a month ago, and we were all reassured that we were in fact opted in, despite the opt-in not staying checked.

    Are these issues related, or is this something completely different?

    That was a slightly different issue for certain players. However, to be safe, it is highly recommended that you double check your beta opt-in settings again at this time. If the check boxes remain checked, then you are properly opted in.

  • So if my checkbox was empty, I wasn't signed to beta?

    Unfortunately, that is correct. However, if you check the Hearthstone beta setting now, there is still time to be selected for access to the Hearthstone closed beta test.
  • 12/05/2013 07:08 AMPosted by Japes
    Am i the only one who's pissed that they give you hearthstone cards with the blizzcon ticket but then dont give you a key?! Seriously, like i want a refund. Blizzcon was cool, even watching from home,but it was the goodies that sold me on it. If you take my money, you should give me what you are selling me. I feel very ripped off.

    Once Hearthstone enters open beta, everyone will be able to download and play Hearthstone. With that said, we currently still plan to invite every player that opted into the Hearthstone closed beta test into the beta test before open beta.

  • Given this information, would it not be possible to set a date and announce that any unused beta keys on that date will be sent to other players? I know it would be a hassle on your end of that, and open beta is right around the corner, but my heart breaks to think there may be hundreds or /gasp thousands of keys lost to the void.

    The amount of unused beta keys has no bearing on the amount of players that are invited into the Hearthstone closed beta test. We currently are only using server health and server load as a measurement to determine how many players can be invited to the beta test as well as how often.