• Does the game ever get any kind of updates? I thought the idea behind beta was not only finding the problems,....but them actually getting fixed. Kinda have to patch occasionally to actually fix anything.
  • We've got some updates on the horizon, and a couple of those were mentioned in our Fireside Chat at BlizzCon. That's certainly not all we're working on - there's a wealth of bug fixes coming in the next patch, and some behind the scenes things as well.

    I've touched on this before, but balance and testing takes time. One example of something in beta that takes time is data accumulation from player's continued testing efforts, which then help us pinpoint potential issues.

    I don't believe Ghostline was implying that we play on any sort of perfect build internally, but there is some testing that has to happen internally before it is pushed out for the public to test. We don't just go from script to live on Broadway - there have to be rehearsals first. It's a loose analogy, but it works.
  • In addition (you guys post so fast!), we're working on getting things out to everyone as soon as possible. We want this game in people's hands as fast as possible, but with great care taken along the way. Rushing something can have disastrous consequences and increase delays in the future, and we would like to avoid that. When we add or change something, it is done with great care, so we can minimize the amount of changes we potentially have to make down the line.