Will this be available on tablets?

  • Hey there, I wanted to know your opinion on that fact that this game could be adapted to tablets like iPads and Android tablets. I just received my Beta key and I absolutely loved this game but I thought that the game was a bit minimalistic to be on PC/Mac, maybe it's just me. I have no problem playing this game on my computer but I'd also like to play it on my Galaxy Tab!

    I mean, plenty of things could be achieved by putting this on mobile devices, custom decks on each device, card trades by device, special card events depending on where you are, etc.

    I just want to know your opinion on this, please don't shoot [email protected]#$ at me, I'm just sharing things here, let's keep this forum clean.

    Thanks a bunch, looking forward to your answers! :)
  • We are working on a version of Hearthstone for Android as well, although it would most likely release some time after the iPad version.