"No Daily Quests"

  • Greetings everyone,

    Thank you to those who took the time to report this. We have gotten them all over to Team 5 and they are looking into it further. Soon as we have an update regarding this, we will get that messaging out.

  • Update: Has anyone been able to resolve this with logging fully out and then back in to Hearthstone? Please let us know as this will help us in pinpointing issues and getting a quicker resolve.

  • Thank you to everyone who commented and helped!

    We are working towards getting this addressed. Until then, should you not see a quest popping up, please give your client a restart.

    If you come across any other issues with this or find the restart is not working, please feel free to let us know.

  • 12/12/2017 02:44 PMPosted by Metro
    Lol @ pushing this thread to 'community discussion' where no one will see it.

    ......you found a thread to comment about how no one will find it? O.o

    Hey everyone, Team 5 is working on getting the fix for this out as I type this. I will follow up when all should be complete and ready to go :)

    Thanks again for all those who provide us with info and examples. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  • Fair point and noted.

    We will look to do better to place topics in their respective locations for better visibility.

    One suggestion however. If you feel something could be done better and would like to provide feedback, I would start with your case as you did in your follow up comments rather than the post you originally had.

    This helps to better determine the difference between constructive concerns and an attempt at trolling. :)

    With that said, the fix should now be in. If any player is still experiencing this issue, please let us know. If you could include the following info, it would be greatly appreciated:

    Device playing on:
    Have you tried restarting everything? (B.net, App, Etc..)
    Any other methods you have tried:

    Thanks again everyone!
  • Thank you everyone who continue to report to us and are trying out any possible work arounds. Your support and feedback is awesome.

    Team 5 is still actively working on a solution for everyone experiencing this matter.

    If you would like to add to the reports, please do so with the following info:

      Device you are experiencing issue on: [PC] [Tablet] [iDevice] [mobile]

      Have you tried restarting everything, inc. Bnet app: [Yes] [No]

      What other methods have you tried to resolve the issue:

    Shout out to Bowser on providing an awesome format for reporting.

    Thank you everyone for your continued patience and we will look to have an update out as soon as possible.
  • Greetings everyone,

    Thank you again for the continued patience as we work to get this matter resolved.

    Until we have finalized a fix to help resolve the matter with player’s quests not appearing, there is a potential work around that could assist further for those not finding success with relogging.

    When entering Hearthstone, it is important to stay logged in for at least a few minutes before attempting a relog. Logging in to check if your quests have updated, then logging out right away could potentially be adding to the matter by not allowing enough time for the servers to talk to your client.

    This is also why some players are reporting their quests updating after a game is completed. This added time in Hearthstone allows for server to complete refreshing the quests.

    Furthermore, we are also looking into the anything impacting of quests to the accounts that are still affected.

    Of course, this is not the ideal method for quests to update and we hope to have everything working normally soon.

  • Not sure where players were asked to fix the problem themselves....but it does help when players can provide additional information. As we may not see exactly what other players are seeing, additional views and experiences help in further testing and research. This additional info also helps to see if anything we are doing is helping.

    If you are referring to any work arounds provided as "being asked to fix the problem", this isn't fixing the problem. Work arounds are provided so players can continue on while we work to get the issue fully resolved so additional steps aren't needed. They are never ideal, just something that players have always looked to do until the matter is properly addressed.

    For those who have taken the time to provide information and experience in a positive manner, thank you very much. While any "bug" can be a frustrating matter to deal with (both for us and the players), it speaks highly of those who look to work together as a community to help, rather than just finding more negative ways to say things that have already been mentioned. This is indeed not an ideal state for quests and Team 5 is continuing to work on it.

    With that being said and after talking to Team 5, I wanted to provide some additional updates, as I have not added anything in a few days.

    - The issue at hand seems to be players receiving Daily Quests much later than usual. This could be leading to overlap of the quests and why it seems there is a great deal of time before they come up, which also makes it seem like they aren't appearing at all.

    - Team 5 is continuing to investigate, but have made some changes that should help to improve the situation overall. However, even with these changes, we are seeing situations where players may experience up to 10-30 minute delays before getting a quest.

    - We are also seeing many cases where players are receiving their quests quickly, but after the initial log in period where quests are shown to you. So it can appear that they were never given. An update can be forced by doing either of the following:

    ++Opening the Quest Log
    ++Playing games in Play Mode that result in another quest updating

    As mentioned, "work arounds" are not considered "fixed" We will continue to work on this matter until we can get Quests being granted into their proper state.

    Thank you again for all those who have contributed and for your patience. As soon as we have additional updates, we will look to get those out.

  • 12/19/2017 06:37 PMPosted by sacra88
    How about they take the game offline for a few hours and just fix it

    If thats all it took bud, it would have been done already. :(
  • Greetings everyone,

    Thank you for your continued patience as we work to address this matter. I have just put up a new blog covering some of the questions placed in here as well as an update on this matter.

    I am going to be locking this thread for the time being just so we can keep everything focused in one place.

    Please head to the following post for information on this matter.


    Thank you!