F2P Legend in 6 days

  • Hi. My name is Kent Noble, and I’m a legend Hearthstone player who consistently finishes in the top 500. After getting legend on May 9, I spent some time looking around the forums and talking to new players about the game. Something that bothered me was that it seemed many new players were beginning to think that in order to achieve high ranks they needed to spend money on the game, which I personally don't think is the case. This inspired me to do a completely free to play climb to legend on a new account. In total, it took me 185 wins playing a budget midrange hunter. The final version of the deck I used was as follows:
    2 Alleycat
    2 Fire Fly
    2 Jeweled Macaw
    2 Crackling Razermaw
    2 Dire Wolf Alpha
    2 Golakka Crawler
    2 Scavenging Hyena
    2 Animal Companion
    1 Deadly Shot
    2 Eaglehorn Bow
    2 Kill Command
    2 Unleash the Hounds
    2 Houndmaster
    1 Infected Wolf
    2 Tundra Rhino
    2 Savannah Highmane

    In total, the deck cost 1300 dust (300 less than a legendary) and it took me 6 days to get to legend which I did between May 15 and May 20, and I came into legend ranked just over 1600. The deck was fairly easy to make considering you are given 6 free packs this month (3 from the 70 million Hearthstone player event and 3 from the Un’Goro release) plus 1 free arena run.

    Videos of the full run can be found on my Youtube and Twitch Channels



    Note: If you are trying to watch the videos on youtube shortly after this post was made some of the videos may be in the process of being uploaded.

    If you have any questions about the run or about Hearthstone in general, feel free to add me. My BattleTag is KentNoble#1271 (NA server) or better yet come by my twitch channel and ask me there.
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