A Question for Blizzard

  • Recently, Wizards of the Coast banned a player named Jeremy Hambly for life from real-life Magic: the Gathering tournaments as well as Magic Online, and absconded with several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars worth of cards and tickets he had on the account. The stated reasons were for violations of the Wizards ToS, but none of the evidence given was via their in-game chat features, or anything else that is owned by WotC or Hasbro. It was all via YouTube and Twitter.

    For background, if you care to read about it: http://nichegamer.com/2017/12/28/magic-manic-hypocrisy/

    Given that I am active on social media as a consumer advocate, as well as a YouTuber who talks about the same--as well as critical many times of people on the regressive left and in the "social justice warrior" circles--I clearly won't put money into Magic Online at this point. However, I am curious what Blizzard's stance is on social media shenanigans or things done out of game. Simply put, will you publicly confirm or deny that you will remove access to my account and anything I have purchased for statements or criticisms made on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch streams?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If there are concerns over actions taken, the rules set forth in the Terms of Condition or any policy Blizzard has, please feel free to reach out to either our PR team or Legal team.

    I know you mentioned you had sent an email, I'm not sure to whom, but feel free to follow up. Holidays as well as the New Year and planning do have an impact on a department's ability to respond. Sometimes it can take much longer than other times, regardless of past experiences.

    Critical opinions and expression is always welcome. We are thankful for feedback. However, I will do my best broken record imitation and say, if you wish to be critical of something or deliver feedback, please do so in a productive manner.

    I am locking this thread as the answers you seek cannot be found here and I do not wish for this to degrade into something negative.

    Thank you and good luck in your inquiries.


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