Riddle me this. Why is spellbreaker a 4/3 for 4 mana

  • and owl is a 2/1 for 3 mana? Beast tag is not a good enough argument...

    Spellbreaker should be AT MOST a 3/2...Really it should be like a 3/1 if we're going by owl, but it can have the extra health since it has no tribe tag
  • This:
    01/04/2018 05:06 PMPosted by osumatthew
    it's one of only 2 neutral silence abilities, which are important to be able to tech against a variety of threats. Ironbeak Owl was already nerfed up to 3 mana because it was too easy to drop into aggressive decks with little to no tempo loss


    01/04/2018 05:05 PMPosted by Grixh
    Because the nerf hammer knows no mercy.