Mods need to be more proactive

  • The amount of targeted harassment that happens here is absurd, and it takes far too long for offending threads to be removed. please be a little more active, mods. There was a thread specifically targeted at me that lasted for days with no action, and now there's another on the main page.
  • I've been reading over this thread and while I agree with some specific points on how we could be better, I do want to take a moment to clear up some misconceptions that seem to be forming. Apologizes ahead of time for the long post as I look to address these points.

    01/03/2018 07:47 AMPosted by HailFall
    The amount of targeted harassment that happens here is absurd

    Agreed and working on improving that. I apologize it isn't happening faster, but it does take time. Working on trying to improve all around atmosphere best we can. However, this is a 2 way street. I try and encourage anyone looking to post, feel free to express yourself and deliver feedback, but please look to do so in a respectful manner.

    01/03/2018 08:16 AMPosted by Ralron
    Keep in mind that aside from the typical regular posters most people posting on these Forums are RAGERS/internet worriers or just plain Trolls.

    I would disagree. These posts just tend to stand out more. It also doesn't help that they are acknowledged to begin with. When a post is obviously just trying to derail a topic or bash someone directly, just ignore it. If you want to take it further, report it. But continuing to go back and forth and "feed" the argument just pushes the opportunity for negative interaction and removes any validity of the post.

    For example:

    01/03/2018 08:16 AMPosted by Ralron
    They are same people that get triggered by Emojis in game. LOL weak minded individuals , learn to ignore them!!!.

    Why end a post about people raging/trolling with calling people names? This is what can lead to the type of trolling you are referring to.

    01/03/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Paf
    But I think they are reactive rather than proactive.

    Meaning, they will respond to a snowflake reporting me for being #realtalk and hurting their soft feelings

    I am reactive in the sense that I won't action you because of something you might say, but for something you have said. If you were suspended, it was due to something you actually posted and not necessarily for a report about one of your posts.

    01/03/2018 08:20 AMPosted by Paf
    They wont see a thread with an inappropriate title (on their own) unless it's reported.

    Incorrect. We don't just sit and wait for reports to come in. We are here, on the forums too. A lot of actions taken are about things we see first hand.

    01/03/2018 10:49 AMPosted by TheRiddler
    There's three reasons the Devs don't support these forums.

    All three of these are incorrect. I apologize if this is how you feel concerning the topic, but it just is not the case. Hopefully, we can work to improve your perspective in the coming times.

    01/03/2018 02:25 PMPosted by TheRiddler
    Community Relations, Social Media, and Communication are important functions for any company these days.

    And we utilize each of these. I see you reference Reddit a lot. I would be interested to know what other platforms you follow Hearthstone on. I believe it would be great feedback to see how impactful the reach is.

    01/03/2018 02:44 PMPosted by HailFall
    I've never been suspended on these forums, this is the ONLY BLIZZARD FORUM that I have not been suspended on

    Challenge accepted.


    01/03/2018 03:28 PMPosted by jawsofwar
    All Blizzard Forums are pretty much unmoderated until someone reports it.


    I once had a conversation with a lead mod who assured me in an email that the forums are moderated. Of course he stated this 3 times in the email which covered more than one subject, he kept coming back to the lack of moderation on the forums and well, after the third time I believe he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to convince me.

    Email with a mod? Was it someone from Customer Support? Usually if there is direct contact, it is with Customer Support.

    01/04/2018 12:59 AMPosted by WSanity
    Agreed, but this is not the case. It appears that it is more of a selective enforcement when it happens.

    So I have actually been asked about something along these lines before. When I look to mod a thread/post, I try and take a couple things into consideration. Specifically, the topic and history of the poster. If it appears to be someone who likes to repeatedly attack individuals, odds are, actions are taken. However, if someone is being passionately upset about a situation, it is easy to drop the flood gates and unload those frustrations in angry text. I don't necessarily think these 2 things are the same.

    The second example may just need a moment to cool off or vent, and that's totally okay! If something has made them upset, we want to hear the feedback. We...just have to make sure it is something that can be used constructively.

    !#$%@#%[email protected]% BLIZZARD I HATE YOUR GAME!! <-- Sure this person is upset, but there isn't a lot we can do with a statement like this.

    @#%[email protected][email protected]$#$% BLIZZARD I HATE [Insert specific reason] <-- Now we have feedback we can use. However, this type of outburst usually leads to someone being flamed for being upset, others joining in with the same tone or the typical "get gud" statements. All of which lead to a thread that tends to be removed.

    BLIZZARD I HATE [Insert specific reason] <-- This here. This is something I can leave up and comment on. This also provides feedback that can be delivered to team 5.

    BLIZZARD I REALLY WISH YOU WOULD CHANGE [Insert specific reason] <-- Best angry posts imo. Yes the player appears to be upset, but they are delivering digestible feedback.

    All 4 of these could be referencing the exact same thing. However, it is the delivery that sets them apart.

    Once again, we are actively working to improve not only our presence, but the content on the forums. I would ask that our "regulars" help by setting good examples that I can reference and just help to spread some solid knowledge.

    I'll leave this open for further discussion should anyone want to cover any topics presented. However, please do your best to keep it civil so I can continue to do so.

    Thanks everyone.
  • Appreciate all the feedback and suggestions everyone.

    Simple fact, we can do better.

    I can't guarantee every negative post will be addressed or that every question will be answered. What I can guarantee is I will do my absolute best to provide a better experience. It won't be immediate, but this is a great community. We have the potential to get there.

    I will deliver feedback to Team 5 and discuss what kind of interactions from them directly we can provide better as well as work out the best ways to present info across all our forums.

    I can't/won't speak for other Forum Mods from other titles. While I realize it can seem a little frustrating when it appears like different forums are handled in different manners, it just comes down to the mods understanding their community and allowing them to exist how they feel is best. If you have a concern with another forum, I would suggest maybe having this same conversation on that channel. Just so you can get their perspective on it :)

    My focus is the Hearthstone forums and I hope I explained well enough my approach on how I mod.

    One thing do want to comment on directly was the comment of "not appearing for months". I have been on here and commenting much more, however, that was mostly focused to responding to the Community Discussion forums as well as some of the others.

    I realize that regardless of how much I post, if it isn't across all our forums in some manner, it isn't always seen and therefore, the effort doesn't have the full impact I may hope it does. I'll be better at that and "spread the love" as best I can.

    Thanks again everyone and I am really looking forward to interacting with you all more.
  • 01/05/2018 12:26 PMPosted by WSanity
    If I recall you are relatively new to this job, only a few months now.

    Not quite. :p

    I have been a member of the Community team for a couple years now (is that considered new?). Started out primarily focused on Fireside Gatherings. However, I do agree there could be more interaction on the forums and I am a member of the community team, so trying to do what I can. :)

    01/05/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Vaedor
    There is alot of regular posters here trying desperately to give good feedback as well as advice and it feels like we're being ignored as compared to streamers/tournament players.

    I agree. Part of the reason I am jumping in here. Team 5 is really fantastic at listening. However, it can indeed be shown more about what they are listening to. All I ask is you guys work with me to improve. Keep providing the feedback and I'll do what I can to get you guys answers or responses. As mentioned before, this isn't something that will happen overnight, but you guys are all heard.

    01/05/2018 01:19 PMPosted by TheRiddler
    But where is everyone else?

    So, this is a solid question. Please bear with me as I do my best to provide context.

    When it comes to basic interaction on the forums, that starts with folks like me (and some of the other awesome Blues we have), The Community Managers. While Team 5 does do some posts here and there and across other platforms, these are pretty targeted and specialized topics. It is not likely that, in these forums or otherwise, someone from Team 5 is gonna be able to sit and "chat".

    Not saying it never happens, because Dean and Max have been great at providing insight and answers when they are able to, it just isn't always possible. Team 5 is always working on something awesome, so it's not that they don't want to, it's just a matter of having the time to do so.

    This is why we have community members, like myself. :) To look to provide info and insight when Team 5 is unable to. These are the things I am referring to when I say "we can do better".

    Now I understand the comments about posting in other places. That is feedback I will deliver to Team 5 and we can look to grow on. However, until we get to that point, I will do what I can to help bridge that gap.

    01/05/2018 01:19 PMPosted by TheRiddler
    For the past 12 months, it is fair to categorize your activity as...
    'Actively Participating' for about 3 months out of 12
    'Sticking A Nose In' for about 5 months out of 12
    and 'Absent' for over 4 months out of 12

    Nothing more to add to this other than, working to be better. I could give you a thousand reasons and a thousand excuses, but it just comes down to being more consistent. We're working on improving. I know I can say this over and over again, but I am hoping to show the community instead.

    01/05/2018 01:19 PMPosted by TheRiddler
    I know it's not your "job" to babysit these forums 24/7. I don't expect that.

    I don't find it to be babysitting. I honestly really, really enjoy our players and fans. Interacting with folks is what makes my job so amazing. Also, 24/7 is not something I would ever say can happen (not saying you are saying that either). As much as I like interacting with the community, I love being with my family :p This is also why I mentioned in one of my previous comments, we won't be able to catch every comment or question.

    Once again, I greatly appreciate all your feedback and for taking the time to voice your concerns. Please continue to do so as it only helps us see where we need to grow.

    Cheers everyone!


    01/05/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Paf
    I kinda wish you DIDN'T post here because I'm tired of having Rick Springfield songs stuck in my head all day...

    *Sigh* It's okay. I only wanted to think about 1 song the rest of the night anyways, so thanks for that. -_-
  • 01/05/2018 07:08 PMPosted by Kiltedbear
    If that's so then why were several of my recent posts deleted by mods that criticized the game? You want a thread deleted? Post something harshly criticizing the game. It will be deleted post quick!

    Once again, incorrect. Looking over your post history, if anything was removed, it was due to delivery, not context.

    01/06/2018 03:11 PMPosted by Skruff
    Working and hoping? I don't know about your company, but in my business, we make commitments.

    I'm not sure what exact wording you are looking for on this one. Actively working to make it better seems to me like the commitment is happening right now.

    01/06/2018 03:11 PMPosted by Skruff
    Where is the info and insight regarding the auto-squelch toggle that so many of us have been pleading for?

    I have seen a few posts about it here and there, but I'm not sure I would classify that as "many". I also see a misunderstanding between squelching activated emotes and those that pop-up regardless. The first coming from the player and the latter, flavor from the hero. When you say "auto-squelch", what is it you are looking for exactly?

    01/06/2018 04:20 PMPosted by Slim
    do you ever read the forums late at night, at home, in bed and want to log in and just tear into people after a few beers?

    Drinking and posting isn't a a great combination >.<

    01/08/2018 08:16 AMPosted by The1Drummer
    Yes, can we please get a limit to the number of topics someone can create? OP has 5 topics on page 1 alone (3 of them posted within a 3 hour span).

    Well we do encourage someone to post multiple posts for multiple topics. As long as it just isn't a reason to spam something out, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. Though I would love to hear your concerns about it. Perhaps this is something we could look into further.
  • 01/08/2018 02:30 PMPosted by Wardrum
    Regarding the auto-squelch

    Thanks for following up. :)

    I think it is a fair ask. I believe at one point, there was the response that you mentioned about "just turning them off and forgetting about them", but I will poke some folks and see if I can get you something more current. Whether the stance remains the same or if there are other considerations.

    19 min ago

    Drinking and posting isn't a a great combination >.<

    Then forums would be rarely active

    Come ooooon. Plenty of folks post regardless lol. Though, I can't speak for everyone, so allow me to rephrase. Drinking and posting is probably not a good idea for me. :)

    01/08/2018 03:04 PMPosted by WSanity
    Oh, I guess it was another Blue posting a few months ago stating that they would be most here or something along those lines. Either way welcome.

    Possibly. Regardless, if there were some more posts from me, it may not have seemed like I was new. :p Glad to be here talking to you guys now though.
  • Reminder.

    Keep it civil. Especially in conversations about abuse. I have removed a couple of the threads that were just unnecessary.

    Continuing this type of behavior will lead to actions.

    Everyone has a perspective. Please respect that. Even if you do not agree with theirs.

    Thank you.
  • 01/09/2018 01:16 PMPosted by aceperson
    Just a thought. Has team 5 considered doing a weekly or monthly qna on the forums? Make a pinned post for questions and a day later respond to some questions.

    Just try to answer the tough questions in my mind. Wouldn't want it to be like the wow qna where it seems like you only answer easy questions.

    Even if the answer is "we don't have an answer right now", I'd rather see that then no answer.

    I actually just brought this up after past conversations. :) Nothing set just yet, but it is indeed a possibility.

    Hope to have more cool news to share with folks soon.
  • 01/10/2018 06:35 AMPosted by Barnack
    Hey Jesse, quick question on downvoting : why Blizzard removed on the WoW forum the possibility to downvote a post and not here? I think that more than 10-15% of the posts here mention at some points "here come the downvoting" etc, on sometimes constructive feedback.

    Honestly, can't speak on their behalf. Not sure, but I was a fan of the change. Maybe one day here too :)

    01/08/2018 02:54 PMPosted by nanaboostme

    Then forums would be rarely active

    Pfff, doesn't stop some of us.

    HAHAHA - I can tell :p However, if I was drinking while posting...well.....nevermind. You do you boo boo. Imma stay sober while interacting with the public >.<

    01/10/2018 06:45 AMPosted by McDowell
    its important to realise by nature forums are going to be negative

    Call me crazy, but I think we can start to change this. I feel there is enough knowledge, insight and good intent from the players in this community that we can have a real impact. /shrug - tho I do understand what you are saying oh too well.

    01/11/2018 09:14 AMPosted by Vaedor
    Why did we find out from you (Jesse) about what they are planning on doing

    I replied to this on another thread, but it is a good point and worth another round.

    Plain and simple, you will probably end up hearing more from me about these things, simply because that's my job /shrug. I'm the community manager. I'm going to try and manage communications. Not to take away from your point, just that is what I am hear for. To be a bridge for you guys and Team 5. And a lot of times, that means relaying messages, regardless of what form they originate in.
  • 01/26/2018 09:04 AMPosted by twickykid
    Huge announcement to ladder changes. Not a single sticky or post on the forums from mods or devs. This is the perfect example of what the community has been screaming at you guys for so long.

    01/26/2018 09:06 AMPosted by minami
    And what is that?

    This links to the sticky that provides the link for the open thread. You can also find the post towards the top of Community forum.

    If something is posted and it appears that it will fall off, I'll sticky them both. However, I want to also remind players to make sure they are checking the sticky area of the forum when they enter. It can be very easy to get in the habit of just bypassing it and diving right into posts.

    01/22/2018 07:11 PMPosted by Skruff
    It's been 2 weeks since you mentioned you'd be looking into the current development team opinion on the squelch toggle. What have you found?

    I have no updates on this at this time. As soon as I do, I will get it posted.

    Appreciate the patience.