3 Free packs region locked.

  • Before anyone says that I should have posted in the ongoing thread the cs team on twitter stated to start a thread about the topic. for discussion.

    Hi there, to offer the concern or start a discussion about this, we recommend posting in the Community Discussion forum. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/hearthstone/10591463/ … ^AX

    The reply was to this

    I am thankful for the 3 packs to compensate my quest issues. The problem is that I had this issue on all three regions yet my compensation was only on one. Why are people only effected on one region given the same compensation as me?
  • Packs were given out per Battle.net account, not per region. Once you claim the packs and set the region you wish to receive them in, that will be the only region, for that specific Battle.net account, you will get packs.

    I hope that clarifies the matter for you Blabbit and I apologize for any hassles or frustrations.
  • Hey everyone,

    I completely understand the concern and frustrations. I do apologize Blabbit and do feel you have a valid concern. Unfortunately, the three packs per account is only for one region and is not something we can expand on.

    What I can offer to do (I know this does not immediately address your point) is to bring this matter up to Team 5 as a concern of members of the community. I can't speak on if this is something that would effect immediate actions or something that would be considered in the future, should anything like this occur again.

    I fully realize this does not help with your immediate report and do apologize again for the frustrations.

    I am going to lock this thread, simply because i don't want it becoming a showdown of beliefs of the matter.