Deleteing Comments

  • You should probably notify and give a general reason when you just delete a comment. Don’t really appreciate my comment being deleted for simply being critical of Team Five in non personal ways.

    However, the idea that we just pretend something we don’t like never existed is a very Hearthstone way of handing things.
  • I am not quite sure which comment you are referring to Wyattbw09. I looked over your post history and do not see anything that was deleted.

    I do see a couple that were downvoted enough to be flagged and another that appears as "spam", possibly due to reasons Slickriptide mentioned (great explanation btw Slick), but nothing deleted.

    I can tell you if there was active deletion of criticism, some of these threads would be a lot shorter. I have and continue to encourage players to provide feedback, criticism and stories of any kind. This leads to feedback that helps us grow.

    However, I would like to make a suggestion. When providing any critique, I would highly encourage to try to be as constructive as possible. Now I don't mean you have to build a compliment sandwich or surround it with roses. What I mean is there is a big difference from a post that contains a whirlwind of hate and insults and a post that specifies frustration and suggestions.

    This is also a difference that could lead to a post being removed, flagged or left alone. Not the content, but the delivery.

    I am going to lock this thread, simply because I don't want it to degrade as it contains some info that may help others in understanding specifics about the status of their posts.

    And as with always, if everyone ever has a concern about an action taken or anything, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team. These are some of the smartest and most resourceful folks we have at Blizzard when it comes to understanding the ins and outs of our policies and they are fantastic at helping players.