Sword of Justice interaction with explosive runes...WHY?

  • I didn't know sword of justice had the power to bring minions back to life

    What happens is if you have explosive runes in play while they have sword of justice, that runes "kills" their minion(putting them at zero HP)

    But then after runes does its damage, sword of justice brings it back to life as a 1/1

    Shouldn't sword of justice just never go off since the minion died or sword of justice proc first and THEN runes procs? Or is this working as intended? Not complaining....Just found it to be an interesting interaction.

    And for those wondering, he dropped a 1/1 minion. The minion died and then came back as a 1/1(and NO, it was not redemption secret. it was from sword of justice)
  • I would be interested to see how this plays out depending on which, sword or rune, are played first.

    May not be a bug, but just a weird appearance based on timing.

    I'll pass this over to QA and see what they come up with.

    Thanks for the report!