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  • 01/04/2018 06:03 PMPosted by Jesse Hill
    BLIZZARD I REALLY WISH YOU WOULD CHANGE [Insert specific reason] <-- Best angry posts imo. Yes the player appears to be upset, but they are delivering digestible feedback.

    BLIZZARD I REALLY WISH YOU WOULD CHANGE your philosophy of allowing spam decks to be viable.

    Before everyone gets bent out of shape, notice I didn't say aggro decks, I said spam decks. These are decks that literally vomit their hand onto the board and send everything to the face, ignoring whatever I do on the board. There is no skill involved beyond playing whatever cards light up and sending everything to the face. Aggro decks have their place and are fine.

    I do not know why you feel it's advantageous to allow this type of deck to be viable. I suspect it has to do with allowing everyone to win, regardless of skill level, because that reaches the broadest audience and therefore provides the highest potential revenue.

    As a player, I don't view the game as a financial engine, but as an option on which to spend my free time. Hearthstone is an appealing option until I play 4 out of 5 games against spam Paladins and spam Hunters (at rank 5 today). Each time, they mindlessly misplay directly into my AOE, and they would have gotten destroyed.... if I had drawn it. Losing to an inferior player because I did not draw my AOE is simply not enjoyable. I don't feel like I lost because I played badly, and he doesn't feel like he won due to skill. It just makes me want to stop playing. It makes me think twice the next time I look to Hearthstone for entertainment.

    I can handle losing due to my own incorrect play or inferior skill. I want to feel like what I do in the game actually has an impact on the outcome. When I win, I want it to be because my skill was superior, not because I got luckier or drew better. When I lose, I want it to be my fault and have it be something I can learn from and improve upon. I can't learn from "draw your AOE next time."

    As it stands right now, when I play against one of these spam decks, not even beating them feels good. It feels like the coin just flipped my way that game. There's no room in most matches for skill to shine through, and it's a shame.
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