Crashing Midgame Every Game

  • I played for about 12 hours yesterday and only after about 3PM PST did I really get affected by the crashing.

    It was happening intermittently at first, but then the game would just freeze midgame during crucial parts of the game, i.e. when opponent would rope and the game would just hang.

    No (Not Responding) error, no network connection issues, but the game would just stop. My workaround was to exit out of game, then reconnect, but when I would come back, which was at best less than 20 seconds, I would return to being roped out of my turn, which would make no sense.

    No updates to be downloaded, did regular troubleshooting; the rest of the PC was running perfectly fine - i.e. Discord would still be running, Netflix still playing video, etc.

    Please help me out with any troubleshooting steps I might've missed! Thanks
  • SQxBR,

    You mentioned you weren't getting a "Not responding" message. That means the game was still responding too you? You could click on things and it was active? Just no play was happening?

    If that's true, then it sounds like a partial disconnection. First, try powercycling your system. Turn off your computer, then unplug the modem and router(if applicable). Wait a few minutes, then plug them back one by one waiting for each device to light up before proceeding to the next. Then restart your computer and see if the issue continues.

    If the connection problem continues, try more steps here: