Update: Arena Specific Cards from Blizzcon

  • Greetings everyone,

    Just wanted to share a recent update from Team 5 in case anyone missed.

    Recently there was a question about when players could expect to see the cards announced during Blizzcon that were meant for only the arena mode.

    For any who may not be aware of these cards, there are 9 cards (1 per class) that are set to be added to arena mode. These cards will only be available in arena.

    The cards are looking to be added in a few months still. Why in a few months you may ask? Well Mr. Brode provided some context on why Team 5 chooses to wait until later in the expansion cycle:

    "We do it then usually because it’s when people are most bored with constructed. We just focus on making the game as fun as possible, and keeping the game fresh and interesting is an important goal for us.

    Often we discuss the dip in excitement around “month 3” of the expansion cycle, and how to make the game more fun in that period. Cool events is one of those tools. Sometimes it’s an Arena event, but it was Double-Gold once too. We have some other fun ideas still to come!"

    So, is everyone ready for some new fun in arena? Would love to hear your thoughts on these specific cards entering the card pool.