startscreen bug/crash

  • hello,
    so i wanted to play hs on my laptop... on my smartphone and my pc it does work fine but if i start the game it stucks at the screen before the big hearthstone sign appears and at the bottom left corner where the time is there only is "_current_time".
    i have tried things with the firewall, my .net framework is updated and i even tried to flush dns.... nothing worked
    pls help me
  • Hi there HiddenLol,

    Looking over this, the first thing I would try is to make sure something else is not interacting with the game poorly. We can do this with a selective startup, it will turn off many things. :)

    Next, I would ask you post a DxDiag here for your laptop. This will let me see a bit more of what is going on with the computer.

  • Hi again HiddenLol,

    I looked over your information here and have a couple of ideas that may help out. First thing I would like to have you try is just turning up the power mode for the computer. Hearthstone is not a game this tends to affect, but it has fixed our other games.

    If this does not help, lets change the screen resolution then switch it back. This is something we have been seeing resolve problems like this.
      1.Right click the desktop
      2.Select Display settings
      3.Select Advanced Display settings
      4.Click the drop down to change the Screen resolution
      5.Change it to what ever you want, we will just change it back after
      6.With this done, before you start the game, lets Reset the game settings

    Let me know if these help my friend.

  • Hi again HiddenLol,

    I am working off the assumption the game never worked on this laptop and this was a fresh install. If that is the case, next lets try and disable Windows Fullscreen Optimizations, a Scan and repair, and a new admin.

    Windows fullscreen optimizations:
      • In the Blizzard App, select the Options drop down in the game tab and select Show in Explorer
      • Right-click on the game .exe and select Properties
      • Go to the Compatibility tab and check the box ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’
      • Press Apply and OK

    Scan and repair

    Last the New admin.

    Let me know if these help or not my friend!

  • Hi there HiddenLol,

    You may be able to switch back see if it works now? In the end, this means some configuration on this user may be conflicting with the game.

    You have a couple of options.

    Try running an SFC scan on your main user, maybe something is up there and just needs to be repaired. In the same thought, I would run a Malware scan just to be safe.

    Another would be to use the new admin user for all your uses and just remove the other user, Back up any data that is user specific.