I'm connected to internet but the app says that I'm offline

  • Currently I'm connected to internet through Wi-Fi (Im in Uni at the moment so we are connected through a password and a username that we've been given) but the game doesn't leave me connect cause it says that I'm offline. When I am connected through cable everything is fine. Is there a solution to my problem??

    Thanks for your time !!!
  • Hi there qIpUqIp,

    Many times this has to do with University firewalls. They have many in place that block many things like P2P traffic and many connections that can be exploited. When this happens, games and services like ours can caught up in that block.

    The best way to see if it is your computer or the connection is to try a mobile hotspot. If that works, you know it is a network firewall, if it does not, then it may be a computer setting.

    If you would like to try somethings on the computer, I would start with a New admin user. This will refresh many setting that deal with connections and may get the App to connect.

    If you want to forward information to your IT Team, I would send them our ports page and let them know your full issue.

    Let us know if we can give you more information on this problem.