• I'm been getting BLZBNTTAS00000001 for the last 3 days on my computer/Mac I can still play on my iPhone but I have no idea of how to fix the game. I log in through Facebook.
  • Hi there Tmon,

    I hope I can help out here with this login issue on your Mac. First thing I would like to check is if the computer and the Iphone are both using the same connection to play the game.

    If they are using the same connection, lets start off with a password reset for your account. Sometimes just the act of doing this will fix it for the home computer.

    Once you reset the password, log in with the email and password, not using Facebook.

    Next, if this does not work, lets try deleting the Blizzard app tools and cache folders. This will cause them to be rebuilt and may resolve the connection problem.

    Let me know if any of this helps my friend. :)