How I know MatchMaking is Rigged

  • Before you even say this isn't about "Zomg it's rigged against me" I actually still win against poor matchups due to good piloting of the deck, but I tried something different this time around and it's interesting to find...

    I've typically played aggressive type decks, warlock, warrior, etc until a few months ago.

    I tried out secret mage for the first time (this was before Kobold Expansion) and lo and behold...I run into decks running Secret Eater? I never seen this card played in a year, and suddenly I stack my deck with a lot of secrets and now I see it played every few matches.

    Interesting? What do you think?
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    And locking a thread merely because you disagree is censorship at it's most oppressive and does nothing but further convince the plaintiffs that they are right.

    Threads aren't locked because we disagree. These threads are locked because they all go the exact same way. I have stated this before.

    For example: There was a thread about the "rigged" topic that came up a couple weeks before the holidays. I agreed with those in that thread that I would leave it open for discussion as long as it remained civil. I checked into the thread daily, removed those who were directly attacking folks and reminded everyone to please play nice.

    However, from both sides of the fence, some still looked to go after one another. When this happens, it moves away from the topic and leads to individuals directly attacking one another. At which point, the thread is locked and/or deleted.

    I have stated my stance on the "rigged" conversation. I even shared an experience I had around a specific interaction that didn't seem right. For those of you who were in the last thread, it was the story about the 84k test results. The game, everything from what you draw to the match making is not rigged.

    Matching making is done based on MMR, which has been stated by Dev before in these forums.

    Another thing I see mentioned is "i swapped decks and now all I hit is XXXXX". I have experienced this myself and it can indeed be frustrating. However, I have experienced this in both physical and online TCG/CCGs. It is in part of how a meta works. It is especially frustrating at physical tournaments, because you can't change decks.

    Certain decks break out at certain levels.
    You are running Deck A.
    You start off running into a lot of Deck B. You roll them all #comeatmedeckB
    However, someone is running Deck C and Deck C can also beat deck B. So you both meet at the top of the pile of Deck Bs you have built and as it turns out, Deck C has a solid match up against you and you lose.

    This is not Hearthstone looking over your deck, looking over all the opponents available and finding a counter. This is just a situation where you run into a deck or player that is better equipped for this specific match.

    "But I made a change and now I keep hitting counters!"
    This is one of the most frustrating things about laddering. Odds are though, you may not be the only one making changes. And it is fully possible that you run into someone who has been having trouble with the change you made, previous to you making it, so they have already made a change themselves. So on and so forth.

    I fully understand different players see these things in different ways. The above mentioned explanation is straight from my own experiences. I do not knock or discourage anyone from stating their case or discussing the topics. I have seen for myself some really brilliant points and explanations come from the side I do not agree with. This is one of the most awesome things about having a community that shares in the same interest.

    However, this topic unfortunately seems to always go the same way.

    "Game is rigged!"
    "no i just know how to play!"
    "Oh look, a blizz employee on a different account how much r they paying you?"
    "[insert well thought out, intellectual point about the conversation]"
    "[insert equally thought out counter argument]"
    "NO YOU"

    -thread locked-

    This is why the threads are locked. Not because of "calling Blizzard out!" or "they have something to hide" or "my point proves it!". Simply because the conversation degrades to the point where nothing productive comes from it.

    Now I know it enrages people when I comment on something like this then lock the thread. So, against my better judgement, I will leave it open for further conversation. However, please do your best to keep it on the level. Otherwise I will be closing it down.

    Now, CreamofWheat did a solid job of not posting this as a "OMGRIGGED!!!!11!" post, and as a post where he just presented his perspective. Please keep that in mind before responding.

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    so there has to be some mechanic in place so people don't win/lose all the time

    I think there is a misunderstanding about the "50% win rate" comment that seems to be thrown around a lot.

    Developers (not just on Hearthstone and not just Blizzard) aim to get that 50% win rate through game balance. You want both players in a match to have an equal chance of achieving victory through the options they have to play with.

    The MMR is what helps this to occur. If you are a high level player who has taken a break for awhile and you return, you will be starting lower due to rank reset and all that comes every month. From there, you will be matched against those who have the same current rating as you. You will then climb until you match with players of your skill level. You can then go up and down depending on who passes through that rank (players on their way down or players on their way up).

    There is no behind the scenes counter flagging accounts that have won too many games and finding them "super opponents" or something that predicts your thoughts or examines your match and deals you a card you don't want.

    There was an absolutely fantastic point brought up earlier. It is very possible that decks are running specific tech cards and that these cards just do not get seen when certain decks are played because there is no need to play that tech.

    01/11/2018 12:11 PMPosted by Voidray
    The thing is, true 50% win rate is impossible so there has to be some mechanic in place so people don't win/lose all the time.

    No, there is no exact 50% win/loss because players are clever and find ways to overcome. That is why developers say things like "we aim to achieve" or "the goal is", because they know how smart players are and that you can't necessarily hit exactly that 50% point. So, goal is to give players the tools to get as close as possible, not create a super program to monitor all card draws and decks.
  • Locking.

    For what I hope are obvious reasons.