Tyrande solution: delete the thread?

  • So the thread with Tyrande (with any blue tag) became too long? (Tyrande, oh where") But this time Blizzard just delete it. Lock option was not available in live threads or what was the reason?

    This problem cannot be solved by ignore the issue and all the valuable or not valuable comments and ideas about it... By the way the thread remained valid, live and match the code of conduct as long as it "lived" for months.

    However I suggest:
    1) Bring back the hero skin, and this time let her available to everyone. So this thread will not be needed.
    2) At least bring back the thread, since Blizzard did not solve the problem. So the users probably have the right to articulate their thoughts about it.
  • Not sure what is happening, but the thread was not removed.


    Let me know if you can't see it for some reason.
  • 01/11/2018 11:11 AMPosted by sky3union
    No, it was deleted/hide from view all right.

    Weird. Maybe a blip with posts. I'll keep an eye on things. Thanks for the follow up.

    01/11/2018 11:11 AMPosted by sky3union
    Blizz is trying to 'ignore' the issue

    01/11/2018 11:11 AMPosted by sky3union
    In this case, patience is key

    Appreciate the understanding. It has fallen off the radar as I mention in the other thread. We just currently have no additional info we can share.

    As soon as we do, we will get that info out.

    As the other thread has returned from the Upside Down, I'm gonna go ahead and lock this one as to not split conversations.