Fireside Gathering...wth ? private property ?

  • when i do a search its giving me some random person house address location and the search result tell me there is no result near Qu├ębec.....thought this was a cafe thing but we have to go to players private houses ???? if thats the heck are we suppose to play 3 ppl on the same comp ? or do we have to carry our personnal comp into a car and bring it to that other person place ? if the later thats rly annoying to unplug all......put all in the car... plug all again to that person house.....unplug all upon leaving and packing all again to put in the car then having to replug everything on house return
  • Please do not go to someone's personal residence for a Fireside Gathering.

    Gatherings must be hosted in public locations.

    Thanks for letting us know. If anyone hits any location that isn't public, please, please, please report the event.

    You can even find a report feature at the bottom of that specific events page :)

    Thanks and I'll get this looked into.