Iron Juggernaut inquiry

  • Ok so... *sigh*

    If anyone actually uses this card could you tell me what your experience has been?

    I love this card but I swear more often than not the bombs go to literally the very bottom of their decks.

    Don't get me wrong- I want them at the bottom. But as often as they are the last card (RNGesus, sometimes every bomb copy I put in with barnes and zola is dead last) it should theoretically be the next draw just as often. However in my personal experience, (inb4 tinfoil hat accusers) I've never seen a "next draw" bomb and they normally gravitate toward the bottom half of the deck.

    Has anyone been experiencing the opposite?
  • This is one of my favorite cards in the game. I use it with bounce effects. Deck doesn't have the greatest win rate, but when it happens, oh boy!

    One thing to remember is, it is a 6 drop. So if you played it on curve, odds are, your opponent has gone through at least 1/3 of their deck. Even more the later it goes or as draw effects are played.

    However, there are times when it seems like it is gonna be the last card. I think this is due to anticipation. I know for me, as soon as that card is added to my opponent's deck, I cannot wait for it to be drawn.

    It equates to when you were a little kid and were excited to go somewhere and no matter what the distance was, it just seemed like it took forever. Or watching the clock for school to be out.

    I think the anticipation lends to the perception of how long it takes for the card to be drawn.

    Imo ofc