Why are all my Chat Messages Squelched?

  • When I attempt to send a message to a player on my Battle.net client's Friends list, a red dialogue is returned with the following:

    "! Your message to [name] wasn't delivered because you are squelched."

    I attempted sending messages to another dozen or more players on my Friends list and each attempt resulted with the same "! Your message [name] wasn't delivered because you are squelched." I find it highly unlikely that players whom I have been corresponding with for months, and even years, have all at once decided to squelch me.

    When I attempt to message someone in-game (in Hearthstone), the message appears, the chat bubble is displayed, and it appears as if the message has been sent -- however, there is no subsequent reply.

    Blizzard had not sent me any notification via e-mail or otherwise in regard to a possible penalty or sanction in this regard.
  • It appears your name was reported for violations of our Naming policy. This is likely why the squelching error came up. Please update the name or contact Customer Support for assistance.

    Since this is an account issue on the technical support forums, locking this thread.