• suggestions for ya game. listen i got a great idea really a whoppin bopper. yes i am the same man who asked for overwatch for free, you really should really read my emails ill post it along with the design idea. its a card idea. i dont have a name but its a card that can trap cards or your hero from attacking for 3 turns but 1 if they are a beast (familiar with the jungle setting). its a card ive dubbed mista monkey because thats what came to mind. i have a picture but apparently i cant send pictures so just gimme an email i can send this to you i really enjoy the design im just not good at designing (although if youre looking for more employaboys im here). listen id love to talk more and i will send your support more emails but please just get back to me blizzard.
  • Interesting.

    We could call it "Daggers of Exposing Light" :D

    Seriously though, you should be able to contact Customer Support and they can provide you with a direction to send in feedback. :)