Unfair to new players

  • I am rank 20, just 20.

    I have a sadly built priest deck with no legendaries to speak of.

    So when one of my duels is against a priest that has the quest, cairne, lyra, nzoth, and plenty of epics...I start to question if the games barrier to entry is too high.

    For example, in another card game I play called Shadowverse, I was able to jump into rank and battle people on my level. This is because the ladder for Shadowverse never resets so you stay in the high rank if you are high rank.

    While rank 20 is filled with everyone that has more legendaries than I can count in my collection because all i have is C'thun, Frost Lich Jaina and a Antonidas. Two of those were free.
  • While I feel "New Player Experience" is a valid topic, please feel free to start a new thread.

    Yes, this may be the same topic, but thoughts and experiences change as the game progresses. It is good to start a conversation fresh and with "up-to-date" feedback.

    Just a reminder to check dates on threads before posting.