Hearthstone Tavern Talk – August 29 2018

  • Ever wondered what’s goes on behind the closed doors of the tavern? Ava and the crew’s antics aside, the Hearthstone development team works hard on a myriad of tasks to bring you the game you know and love so well. More than that, we also make the time to read about the different issues and questions the community brings to light each day.

    Welcome to Hearthstone Tavern Talk, where we’ll share with you answers to some of the questions we see in our community!

    I really enjoyed the Dungeon Run and the Monster Hunt single player experiences. Why did you change things up with the Puzzle Lab?

    We always try to explore new content and ways for players to play Hearthstone. That’s how we created Dungeon Runs in the first place! The puzzle-solving format fits well with the science and experimentation theme of the set and allows us to focus on the scientists and science-gone-wrong aspect of The Boomsday Project.

    Is there more than one way to solve a puzzle in the Puzzle Lab?

    Most of the puzzles have one solution but some of them have a few solutions. The more complex puzzles where you have extra cards are more likely to have multiple solutions. We wanted to let players experiment as much as they could when we built the Puzzle Lab, and one of the ways we did that was to allow you to return to your game even if you’re halfway through. For example, if you closed Hearthstone while on Puzzle 4 of 6, you can come back and still be on Puzzle 4 of 6.

    Can we expect that "spell damage" is changed to "spell power" in the future, to better clarify cards like Unexpected Results and other future cards similar to it?

    We still intend for Spell Damage to almost exclusively affect spells' damage. It's cool for spells to be amplified by Spell Damage in other ways, but that will still be quite rare, and the exception to the rule. If it were renamed to Spell Power, it'd beg the question of whether it affects a wide variety of existing spells, and those would have massive balance impacts if it were changed to affect them.

    What happens when a copy of a Magnetically-buffed minion is returned to the hand or deck, like when you play a Baleful Banker or similar? Does the basic Mech card get returned or copied or do you receive the buffed version?

    The base minion will be returned to your hand. The Magnetic minion is effectively an enchantment once it's been attached to a Mech, and enchantments are removed when a card moves from Battlefield to Hand. We discussed how this impacts the fantasy of Mechs attaching together, but decided to stay consistent with core Hearthstone mechanics. If you Sap an enemy minion, you shouldn't have to worry about whether any buffs on it came from a Magnetic minion or not, to know what will happen. We recently updated how the Copy a Card rule works in Hearthstone and explained how enchantments would be retained; you can read more about it here!