Can't log in because last email got deleted

  • Hi, I recently bought a new pc and can't log in to hearthstone on it due to yahoo blocking or deleting my email. You have an option to answer a security question that I cant remember since it was so long ago. I have hearthstone on my phone and tablet and have bought for over 80 dollars worth of in game credits and have played hearthstone now for years and i plan to continue as long as your customer service helps me. It would be really disappointing if I couldn't log in to my account anymore and i definently won't stick to supporting blizzard if this issue doesn't resolve.
    Thank you

  • Hey Fello,

    You will need to reach out to Customer Support. They can help you resolve matters like this.

    You can do so through, the website or any where offered in the in-game clients.

    Cheers and good luck!