Feedback for the Hearthstone Team

  • Considering that you asked for feedback in your last update, I wanted to provide it, considering that you really didn't ask for that feedback specifically in any form (it would have been nice for you to provide a link in the blog for where to have actually provided this information. There's a comment part that you can plug there of course, but I don't think it calls for the formatting needed for this kind of post. So, why not here.

    1) The Combo Dilemma

    What my biggest problem in Hearthstone is right now is the feeling of not being able to play a deck without having a tool to deal with some of the problems that it can run into. Specifically, Combo decks and Quest Rogue. While I understand that certain decks have weaknesses that it has to overcome, it feels like those weaknesses have been ever present lately in the game, and there's really no ways to counter it. I myself love playing Control and Mid-Range decks, asI don't find enjoyment in the most part with Aggro decks. So yeah, I could play aggro, but I felt like there were ways in the metas before to deal with combo decks that I could tech into. When Ice Block was huge, I could play an Eater of Secrets if I really wanted to. Dirty Rat was a great tool to force the opponent to reconsider their strategy.

    The problem is, only certain classes have effect solutions to these combo decks, in particular: Mages (Counterspell) and Warlock (Demonic Project). If I'm playing a Tess deck, I really have no options. If I'm playing Odd Warrior, I'm sorta screwed. If I'm playing Spell Hunter.....well you get the idea. I don't want to have every class have a STRONG counter to these decks, but frankly, I'm getting tired of losing to decks that I can't even interact with. It feels powerless as a player when some of the combos go off, in particular with Druid when they've got SO many options available to deal with their threats. Speaking of which:

    2) Reconsider balancing one of the draws in Druid

    I think my biggest problem right now with Druid is the fact that the mana ramping's downside: the actual losing of cards and game presence, is completely gone right now. People point to the Nourishes and the Ultimate Infestations of the world: but I actually point to Branching Paths. I feel like Branching Paths is too cheap for it's flexibility, and was unneeded for Druid to have yet ANOTHER draw option on top of Nourish and Ultimate Infestation. It's a one mana more Arcane Intellect that at that point, you probably have the mana to spare. The fact that it can be placed into so many different decks (Token due to the attack buff, Togwaggle due to card draw, Malygos due to card draw) just seals it for me. It feels like the card needs a reasonable change, and I'm not sure what that change is. Upping it to 5 mana I feel doesn't fix its core problems.

    3) The buffed Hero Power Problem

    Now, I know I complained about the fact that control decks weaknesses and indicated that hey, there's a problem right now, and I realize that Control decks had a lot of problems before Death Knights came to be. But part of my problem is that how consistent upgraded hero powers are really.....well they are really really boring. Yes, I play Odd Warrior and Even Shaman, but the difference between them is night and day, and I feel like certain classes and their hero powers need some sort of look at in terms of the value and cost the game provides them.

    The value you get out of a 4 armor game on a regular basis is insane. Some decks have absolutely no way of dealing with them. Granted, it's nice to see things like the Reckless Flurry combos play into them, but I feel like it really hurts the game's design space, even though you can easily argue that it has done the complete opposite.

    I liked it when it was a cost to really do these upgraded hero powers: like with Justicar Trueheart. That was an interesting design space card. But here, it just feels like the game is hurt by the inclusion of these powers.

    4) Kelselth

    This card needs to change. I'm sorry, but it's sorta ridiculous how much power it being played on curve does to the game. As a Player, it's really not fun to play against.

    5) Consistency Across your games regarding Tools

    I have to admit, I do question why there's inconsistency among the games played regarding the tools used and the COC. Overwatch just went through a little scuffle regarding a screenshot tool that's basically used to comply stats, that only apply to the end of the game, and yet it's apparently against the terms of service. And yet, there are tools that track information that, yes, the player can get if he remembers all the information on board....but isn't that the point? That you have to remember which cards are left in your deck? Tools like HSReplay Deck Tracker, yeah, it's great for streaming for those guys, but it really feels like it provides advantages that really just don't feel fair for those that don't play a specific way (specifically mobile players). Can some consistency be kept across the games?

    6) A consideration to try in Standard

    I wonder if it would be interesting to try an experiment with Standard regarding the use of cards outside its format, but limited. Aka, using one or two cards from that old game to help shake up metas. Like the aforementioned Dirty Rat for example.

    I don't want to turn the game into wild, because god that's a mess, but I wonder how much damage one or two card allowances would change the game, especially with the combo decks.

    7) Print more counter cards

    Seriously, I know there are pack fillers, but I feel like some of the big problems with Hearthstone come in the fact that there's no even weaker level counters at times, especially lately. I'm talking about things like Mindbreaker: which I have used as a tech card. Things that cause delays, especially for combo decks, that give decks a chance to get that last bit of damage in: things like Rebuke.

    The game needs more of these cards, and needs them in more creative ways. I know there's this weird stop regarding causing your opponent to discard cards for example: but how about a card that stops them from drawing for one turn? What about one that overloads them at the cost of your own life? Etc. Etc.

    I probably have more given more time, but I wanted to provide this here as some feedback to the team.
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    Suuuuper valid comment.

    While I am up for most discussions, I tend to not get into ones over balance or specific decisions in the game. Simply because I don't make those decisions and while I may understand why they are made, I don't have full insight into the "why", so I don't want to misrepresent anything.

    That being said, Dragnix did a fantastic job of delivering his feedback. As well, many of the comments are well composed and provide actionable feedback. All things I can send to Team 5 and follow up about.

    Truly appreciate the manner in which many of you are discussing this thread and I will make sure it gets delivered.
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    (can we get added to hyperlinks for us plebs pls, at least for the new forums when they go live later in the year?)

    I'll look to get this done.

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    yet where and how to provide that feedback was not mentioned.

    A point you were not alone in noticing. Great call out and something I'll look to get addressed moving forward.