Stolen splash arts?

  • I don't know if this actually matters,but a game on Facebook has stolen some of the splash arts from the cards in the game. The name of the game is Dragon Awaken,here are some screenshots:
    Anyways,you guys check it out,there may be some cards that have been left out,because i'm fairly new and don't recognize all of them.
  • Thanks for the heads up.

    I'll get it in front of the folks that need to check it out.

  • 10/04/2018 10:45 AMPosted by Paf
    You mean you're going to release the Bionic Ninjas...

    I know you're not allowed to disclose that information...

    Your lack of confirmation or denial is enough for me.

    I can neither confirm, nor deny, if Genji is based off of something real....

    10/04/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Schyla
    I've seen these things happen all the time. Report to Facebook. Nothing. Report to Hearthstone. Nothing.

    I honestly don't think these things ever get investigated to the point that action is taken.

    I can assure you they do.

    However, as with all actions, we do not discuss details.