Forum Threads Auto-Deleted

  • I rarely post on these forums as whenever I make a new topic, it is a huge coin toss as to whether or not it is eaten by the boards, not even showing up in my post history.

    Today, yet ANOTHER thread of zero controversy whatsoever with no offending language, nothing which would be deemed so much as even ARGUABLY against the posting policies, and so on, was automatically removed and sent to the 404 void.

    I ask that you recover my last thread creation (regarding Keeper of the Grove).

    It is truly an aggravating trial of annoyance to use these forums and would appreciate not being hindered by such a wishy-washy system.
  • 10/05/2018 10:34 AMPosted by Cece
    i got same problems in the past , i think this forum has some bugs and sometimes the spamfilter fail , the edit button will cause problems too ..
    I dont think they do it on purpose.

    Cece is correct. Sorry about that Vorastrix. You can find a bit more info on it here: