Balances changes offered hope, but it was quickly destroyed

  • When it was first announced that there would be changes, players were excited about the prospect of many utterly broken cards and decks finally being addressed. Decks and combos that feel unbeatable could be discussed and deal with! At long last, Hearthstone could be fun again!

    Of course, much of the attention was on Druid, but I think hopes were unreasonably high. The polarization of this meta isn't based on just one or two bad design decisions. It is based on a trend, continued over many expansions now, of much of the game being decided by how you build your deck, rather than how you play it.

    So the nerf day arrives, and it is, without mincing words, an utter disappointment. The mana wurm nerf isn't unwarranted, but the timing and value of it right now is insanely questionable. Tempo mage isn't even the most oppressive AGGRO deck, let alone the most oppressive deck on the ladder. So the fact that it received the only specific nerf in standard is mind boggling to say the least. How does nerfing tempo mage fix the meta? How does it circumvent issues present for so many players against decks from Druid, Rogue and Warrior, the three most polarizing and oppressive classes?

    It doesn't.

    This change will not help the polarization. It will not address power disparity of top performing decks. It will not re-invigorate the meta. The changes, if nothing else, feel like utter and complete desperation on behalf on the dev team to feel like they are doing something.

    Let me address one more specific thing: I know they design in advance. I know they are planning several expansions in the future. But let me make one thing painfully clear: Your players do not care.

    Knowing that you may solve a problem in two months, or six months, is in no way comforting. In fact, it's even more frustrating. I don't care that a future card may provide balance. I don't care that a set rotation may level the playing field. All that tells me is that you are incapable of balancing your game.

    I plan ot give this nerf a chance. I will try the meta for the two weeks or so to see how it all levels out. But I expect that I will feel just as hopeless and unenthusiastic about the state of the game as I do right now, and if that happens, there other options these days.

    I think Hearthstone should feel like an employee that's on probation from the boss. There is a demand to perform and produce results. And if that expectation isn't met, I would fully expect there to be consequences from the playerbase.
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