New Nerfs

  • I am so glad that Giggling Inventor got the nerf it deserved and I understand that Mana Wyrm was a pretty good opener but these changes aren't going to "save" the courrent situation. Druid is still overpowered as ever, Carnivorous Cube remains untouched since Kobolds and Catacombs as one of the most powerfull cards courrently available, Prince Keleset remains THE MOST powerful cards that you can play early on (screw Mana Wyrm) and Play Dead's cost is too low, allowing Deathrattle Hunter to snowball like never before. Expecting things to change without addressing the problem seems a tad hypocritical.
  • 10/16/2018 09:57 PMPosted by DogeTheCat
    This is untrue. Blizzard sometimes flag posts and has someone on the team personally reply to forum posts. Please do not make such assumptions with no knowledge on HS forums.


    There also continues to be a good deal of posts around the recent balance changes popping up. As the majority of them are covering the same topics, I will be consolidating posts over the recent balance announcements to the primary feedback thread. Please feel free to post your feedback and comments here:

    Thank you.