Deck sharing using the Hearthstone client is inexcusably bad

  • I ran into a fun deck that I had a great time playing against, so I sent a friend request and asked for the list. Turns out, there are actually good people out there, and the new friend sent along the list.

    Except I couldn’t actually import the code while on mobile. Why?

    1) The paste command in the in-client chat on mobile puts the entire decklist copy block into text, not just the deck code.

    2) The full copy block exceeds the mobile character limit for a message.

    3) After copying the full block to another app and recopying just the deck code, which transmitted successfully, I found that there is no way to manually copy text from the in-client chat.

    4) The “borrow deck” option in a friend challenge doesn’t allow for copying a deck code.

    What should exist is a simple button where we share a deck code to a friend, and they then get a message with a button that creates a new deck based on the sent list. We shouldn’t need actual codes in client-to-client deck sharing. But, barring that, fixing ANY of the above issues would have at least made the attempt possible, rather than manually typing in the entire list, then manually building the entire list one card at a time.

    As it stands, my workaround is to go back to the BDA once I get back to my PC, look up the friend chat history, copy the deck code (which still required a mobile user to dissect the decklist copy block in another app, by the way), and create the deck using the PC client.

    No. Just no. Make it better.
  • Hey Mand,

    Can you let me know what mobile device you were on?