Homebrewed decks just dont work.

  • no matter how hard I try all my homebrewed decks sucks!

    Well all but one that is,and that is not even my strongest deck more like my third strongest deck.

    Out of all my attempts to create a competitive home brewed deck I only managed to make 1 that works.Thats like 95% fail rate.

    What is wrong with me?I have a average IQ surely I should do better than this.When I am fed up with losing with my home brewed deck I go back to my heal zoo for a few games then go back to my homebrewed deck tweak it a little and try again its exhausting.

    No I dont think i am gonna make homebrewed decks no more.Time to focus on a single class either warlock or mage propably warlock.All other cards will be dusted to create one single powerfull deck.

    Yes thats exactly what I am gonna do I have a tier 1 heal zoo deck so come next expansion I am gonna dust my legendaries and epics and create a new tier 1 zoo deck.I cant wait
  • This thread is full of so many awesome comments.

    Seriously guys. Great advice and support.

    Happyfeet, as mentioned, don't be too hard on yourself. Defining a deck is a process and not something that just "happens". Takes time, practice and honestly, lots of losses. If you ever come up with a new deck and expect to just jump in and start stacking wins, you are leading yourself down a hard road.

    Take each loss as a learning experience. Take notes, make changes and don't be afraid to to admit something isn't working. You'll get there.

    Great thread everyone.