How should a 10 mana weapon look like?

  • Biggest weapons so far is 8 mana.

    Woecleaver (Warrior), Runespear (Shaman) but also Shadowmourne (Scourgelord Garrosh) and Grave Vengeance (Uther of the Ebon Blade)... all 8 mana weapons.

    Those are pretty good, a 10 mana weapon should be even more powerful, able to go toe-to-toe with N'Zoth or Mecha'thun.
  • Well, if you are looking to go toe-to-toe with an Old God, you would have to choose a Titan of course....or maybe a fallen Titan? :D

    Then if we are looking at something 10-mana and powerful, I would suggest Gorribal the Dark Seether, the weapon used by Sargeras. Though, if we are talking Sargeras, it may have to be more than 10-mana. Maybe something like:

    0 Attack
    0 Durability
    This weapon costs 1-less for each opponent's minion that has died this game (counts while in your deck).

    Battlecry: Destroy all minions in play. Gain +1 attack and Durability for each minion destroyed this way.

    Your Hero must attack. Your hero is Immune while attacking.

    Deathrattle: Choose One: Summon a Demon minion whose attack and health is equal to the attack of this weapon or put that many 2/2 Demons into play.
  • 11/27/2018 06:49 PMPosted by Beaky
    This is hilariously overcomplicated for a Hearthstone card; go back to Yugioh my friend. XD

    Cool flavour though. ^_^

    Sure - but thats part of the fun of theory crafting.

    Still less text then some other game's cards ;)