Question about UTH strategy

  • Piu
    Long time ago, Battle Rage was buffed and in just a couple of days it was nerfed again, but you gave the option to disenchant that card for a full refund (40 dust instead of 5)

    Now there's something more peculiar. Unleash the Hounds. It's a common card that costs 40 dust to craft and I have 2 questions.

    1) Will we get a full refund on Unleash the Hounds?

    2) Will we get a full refund on Young Dragonhawk, a few traps, Eaglehorn bow, Flares and maybe even angry chicken and the crab that eats murlocs? I know some people crafted those just for this type of deck and they are not very good out of this strategy
  • You can disenchant the changed Expert cards for their full value. The only cards that will offer the full Arcane Dust refund are the ones that were changed.