Blizzard instead of nerfing everything maybe buff?

  • Where is this even come from? I know it's a lot easier to nerf something instead of buff another but come on... If this will go that way we will finally end with blank minions and no spells (probably even then some ppl would cry over OP).

    We have Priest, Paladin, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Shaman (debatable) at pretty good spot. They are competitive, balanced (looking at only these classes) and have nice, different ways of play.

    And on the other side we have Warrior, Druid (debatable too) and Hunter who are almost unplayable in high rank from what I see. At least me never see these classes (besides Druid) and I played many matches in >10 rank. So why nerfing 6 classes to match these 3 instead of buffing 3 to be competitive aganist 6 other?

    Stop nerfing ffs and do something good :P.

    PS. Is there someone in legendary rank who mostly play one of these 3 classes?
  • Nerfing (and buffing) cards are both things that require delicate balance. We've stated that we don't want to be making constant changes to cards, and it takes time to see what changes may be necessary to cards over an extended period of time. We would rather make the correct change to a card once than make multiple changes to a card as a knee-jerk reaction.

    There may be some cards that appear to have a basic answer at first glance, but the evolution of the meta and the long term ramifications of changing a card are really what we look at. Lead Designer Eric Dodds made an excellent point about card changes and the balance of the meta during the Hearthstone panel at BlizzCon when he discussed cards like Acolyte of Pain and their power levels in the early stages of Hearthstone.

    A "nerf" in itself isn't necessary bad, though it is perceived that way to many since it appears to make a card worse. Another way to look at it is that card nerfs simply buffs the cards used in conjunction with it, while the "nerfed" card is simply brought down to a level that is more even with cards of a similar cost or power.

    We're always trying to make sure that the decisions that a players makes in Hearthstone feel meaningful, and that there are creative counters, checks and balances to cards of all types. Sometimes certain cards fall out of that ideal, and we have to make the careful changes to bring them back in line so that your choices and interactions continue to feel meaningful in the long run.