Sylvanas vs. Sylvanas Deathrattle - EXTENSIVE TEST RESULTS

  • In the event of two Sylvanas cards dying at the same time, there are many theories on which Sylvanas deathrattle effect will trigger first.

    Current theories are:
    - "The defending player's Sylvanas's deathrattle will trigger first/last."
    - "Whoever played Sylvanas first will trigger first/last."

    I have done extensive testing on this and will report the facts here:

    Fact #1: Whoever plays Sylvanas first DOES NOT MATTER
    - I conducted several tests with each player playing Sylvanas first. Some tests were done with the person who played her first attacked, some where whoever played her first defended. The results were not predictable. Deathrattle triggered for each player multiple times.

    Fact #2: Whoever defends DOES NOT MATTER
    - I also conducted several tests with each player defending. Again, sometimes the player who played her first would attack, sometimes the player who played her first would defend. Across multiple tests of this in all cases and combinations, the results were also not predictable.

    Fact #3: Whoever has the coin (or goes first) DOES NOT MATTER
    - On a hunch, I also ran some test where we did all the above combinations varying who had the coin or went first. Once again, the results were unpredictable.

    The only conclusion I can draw from these facts is that there is some internal ID assigned by the game to each minion - perhaps its based on hand or deck position (or maybe even random seed). When two minions die, this internal ID likely defines the order of deathrattle effects. Another possible explanation is that the intent is for this scenario to be totally random - so maybe it's by design that it's a coin-flip. The final explanation is that the intent is not supposed to be random, but there is a bug. :)

    Once again - whoever defends DOES NOT MATTER and whoever plays Sylvanas first DOES NOT MATTER.

    A blue response on this would be greatly appreciated and would be a great service to the community.

    If you have any questions or additional data, feel free to add it here.
  • We're aware that there are some issues related to Deathrattle effects that involve minion resurrection. We've got that currently down as a known issue that we're looking into fixing.