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Name Type Class Cost Attack Health
Golemagg Minion502020
Shirvallah, the Tiger Minion Paladin2575
Molten Giant Minion2088
Arcane Giant Minion1288
Clockwork Giant Minion1288
Grave Horror Minion Priest1278
Mountain Giant Minion1288
Nether Portal Minion Warlock1101
Red Portal Minion1101
Sherazin, Seed Minion Rogue1101
Snowfury Giant Minion Shaman1188
Bloodreaver Gul'dan Playable Hero Warlock10030
Zul'jin Playable Hero Hunter1005
Decorate Hero Power1000
Stolen Time Hero Power1000
A New Hero Approaches Ability1000
Anyfin Can Happen Ability Paladin1000
Army of the Dead Ability Death Knight1000
Calling for Backup Ability1000
Dimensional Ripper Ability Warrior1000
DOOM! Ability Warlock1000
Felbloom Ability1000
Goldthorn Ability1000
Heart of Fire Ability1000
Icecap Ability1000
Ichor of Undeath Ability1000
Kazakus Potion Ability1000
Kingsblood Ability1000
Lantern of Power Ability1000
Mind Control Ability Priest1000
Mirror of Doom Ability1000
Mystic Wool Ability1000
Netherbloom Ability1000
Pyroblast Ability Mage1000
Rod of Roasting Ability1000
Shadow Oil Ability1000
Stonescale Oil Ability1000
Superior Potion Ability1000
Timepiece of Horror Ability1000
Ultimate Infestation Ability Druid1000
Wish Ability1000
Your Next Victim Comes Ability1000
Animated Statue Minion101010
Archaedas Minion101010
Aviana Minion Druid1055
Azari, the Devourer Minion Warlock101010
Big Bad Archmage Minion1066
Chieftain Scarvash Minion101010
C'Thun Minion1066
C'Thun Minion1066
Deathwing Minion101212
Deathwing, Dragonlord Minion101212
Emeriss Minion Hunter1088
Faceless Behemoth Minion101010
Force-Tank OMEGA MAX Minion101010
Frost Giant Minion1088
Gearmaster Mechazod Minion10295
Gearmaster Mechazod Minion10295
Gearmaster Mechazod Minion10180
Gearmaster Mechazod Minion10180
Giantfin Minion101010
Hakkar, the Soulflayer Minion1096
Headless Horseman's Head Minion10235
Jade Golem Minion102929
Jade Golem Minion102828
Jade Golem Minion102727
Jade Golem Minion102626
Jade Golem Minion102525
Jade Golem Minion102424
Jade Golem Minion102323
Jade Golem Minion102222
Jade Golem Minion102121
Jade Golem Minion102020
Jade Golem Minion101919
Jade Golem Minion101818
Jade Golem Minion101717
Jade Golem Minion101616
Jade Golem Minion101515
Jade Golem Minion101414
Jade Golem Minion101313
Jade Golem Minion101212
Jade Golem Minion101111
Jade Golem Minion101010
Jade Golem Minion103030
Jumbo Imp Minion Warlock1088
Kalecgos Minion Mage10412
Kun the Forgotten King Minion Druid1077
Lady Naz'jar Minion101010
Lord Slitherspear Minion101010
Mecha'thun Minion101010
Mulchmuncher Minion Druid1088
Nefarian Minion100200
Nefarian Minion100200
Nefarian Minion100200
Nozari Minion Paladin10412
N'Zoth, the Corruptor Minion1057
Overloaded Mechazod Minion10980
Piñata Golem Minion10585
Pyros Minion Mage101010
Sea Giant Minion1088