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    posted a message on J4CKIECHAN's 26-2 Frozen Throne Control Warlock

    Replaced the Zealots with Gnomeferatus.  I shall call it.....GRINDERLOCK.

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    Cheap and versatile, gonna see this is a good amount of decks.

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    "The very essence of a yawn compressed into a card."

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    Certainly the most interesting hero card we've seen, but it will take a good amount of theory crafting to see what can really be done with it.  The battlecry is probably powerful enough for it to be 9 mana, considering it's near-complete invincibility  for a turn of your choosing

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    Seems Good.

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    Thoughtstealer's Tome?

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    And thus, the Annoy-o-tron Meta returned.  And all was right in the world.

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    Cheat Lord

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    I like your deck.  I think I will TAKE IT!

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    Rogue could potentially use this if they don't get a crazy good 4-cost card this expansion.  I don't run any 4 cost cards in my best Rogue deck and getting an added taunt + healing seems pretty nice.


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    No, Druid of the Claw counts as a Taunt card because it transforms into a different minion that has taunt.  Ancient of War wouldn't count as a taunt minion because it just gains Taunt from a battlecry, it doesn't turn into a minion that naturally has taunt.

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    We already have many cards that already have or can give Divine Shields, this at least has some potential.  If just 2 minions lose their shields while this is equipped, this gains insane value.

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    Perfect, healing for my Burgle Rogue.  Not really good on its own with just the hero power, but potentially amazing with Obsidian Shard.

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    posted a message on Blood-Queen Lana'thel

    Discard Warlock will never work given how the discard mechanic works.  Having no control over what you discard means that whether the deck works or not is entirely dependent on the luck of your discards.  Unless they release a card that has Warlock get control over what they discard, or they give that ability to the mechanic entirely, stuff like this is never going to be viable.  I wish it was viable, my main CCG deck before Hearthstone was a Dark World deck in Yu-Gi-Oh, a deck entirely based around discarding Dark World monsters for strong effects (often summoning them or some form of targeted removal.)  A deck based on discards can work, but only if Warlock can have an entire deck based around it and he can choose what to discard.

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