About Me

Greetings to ALL here at!!! I am delighted to be here and to be a part of this great community! 

My offered Profile is but a simple attempt at getting to know you all, as a beginning.

I propose to share more details about myself and my outlook on Hearthstone in the very near future and also as an attempt in getting to know many more of you, my fellow Hearthstone friends (AND worthy adversaries! ;) through our future battles, no matter who wins any one particular game.

These represent but a few of my humble hopes, which are in line with my playstyle of having an amicable and enjoyable experience with you all! In, and out of combat.

This is all that comes to mind for now. Further play and inevitable progress will surely dictate changes from here.

The very best of skill and luck to you all, my new friends!

And may all the RNG gods be awaiting in your ready! (EXCEPT vs ME!!! XD)

-Johnny Spin aka VaporEyes#11819 (On BOTH NA AND on EU servers)


BattleTag VaporEyes#11819 Favorite Class Paladin Region US