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    I actually think any request for nerfing the Quests has at least some merit to it. 

    Not because they are OP or broken i don't actually think thats the case, not even with The Caverns Below but because of how strangely specific they are in the way they work and how that results in a direct limitation of design space for any future expansion as long as these cards are legal in standard. 

    Seeing how Blizzard has been nerfing or rotating out quite a few cards because they feel like those limited design space it is still rather mind boggling to me how these Quests made it into the game. They basically can not make really good neutral taunt minions for the next 2 years because of the risk of Taunt Warrior running wild. 

    They can't create any more bounce effects because that would make Quest Rogue even more reliable and so on. Quite a few of these Quests have the potential to be broken at some point during their stay in standard given enough support from future expansions and thats just bad design on Blizzards part.

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    Quote from tunceris >>

    No need to craft a card that will rotate in very little time

     Roughly a year isn't what most people would consider to be "very little time". By then OP may very well have stopped playing already.
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    Nobody knows. Blizzard has shown to be very hesitant of nerfing anything lately and there have not been any information about them taking a closer look at certain cards either.

    I would not bet on any nerfs before the next expansion hits, blizz has pretty much accepted the dominance of pirates by now and does not seem to view the Quest Rogue archetype as a problem. 

    This is of course educated guessing and nothing else, i personally hold off on dusting anything at all and would advise anyone to do the exact same thing. Unless you badly want to craft one or a bunch of cards you simply need the dust for disencahnting cards prematurely is pretty much pointless. 

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    That is a difficult or rather impossible question to answer because we do simply not have a clear definition of what "good" cards are. 

    If we assume that "good" equals to playable in tier 1 decks we could try a rough estimate but even then... what is even tier 1 and given how the meta is in a constant flux even if we could agree on some decks right now thats a whole different story two months from now. Ultimately it's a bit pointless to try and estimate a real number you'd have to spend. 

    Since i don't want to be a buzzkill here I'll still give a pointless estimate. My guess would be something around 300$.

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    Of course this is a question that can not really be answered. It not only depends on the meta which is in a constant flux but also on the deck you are personally playing. As a Taunt Warrior player Dirty Rat is obviosuly the card i am running but at the same time one might argue it's not even a tech card in that specific deck.

    Anyways, my vote goes to Golakka Crawler for the simple reason that it's a good tech card due to a decent portion of the meta running pirates in one form or another while still not being horrible in the case of it not hitting a pirate.

    Both Zoo Style decks - Warlock, Beast Hunter - can run the card with basically no downside. Slower Control decks can use it as a way to fight off early pirate aggression and even if they do not kill a pirate with it it's still an okay 2/3 vanilla minion which is not good but at the same time won't loose you the game. 

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    7 Mana for 9/12 worth of stats. That itself is kind of a problem, in a certain way that is Dr. Boom level of good.

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    So this tech priest is terrible?

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    That is pretty broken. Basically would put you 2 turns ahead for the rest of the game for only two mana, thats even better than Nourish due to the lower mana cost.

    Also Warlock isn't really the place for such a mechanic.

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    I'd say that most of the quests don't work as well in Wild. Nearly all of them serve as a kind of win condition but except for the Rogue Quest none are particulary fast win conditions. That makes them only mediocre in Wild where the powerlevel of cards is generally higher and games do not last as long as they do in standard.

    Also the Druid Quest is - in my humble opinion - rather flawed by design. 

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    No. At least this patch won't do anything for consistency.

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    Rule of thumb: If a priest manages to kill you by turn 6 you are probably just terrible.

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    I'd say it's neither really. 

    The powerlevel of decks in wild is much higher in general. Surely a few decks profit more from the expanded card pool than others and thus get relatively more powerful but seen in the bigger picture of the meta thats a rather small benefit you most likely won't see directly impacting your ladder experience. 

    Because of that I'd personally play Standard, just because it's so much less frustrating to ladder there.

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    Quote from Kla_guy >>
    Quote from Mister_Smith >>


     Well, I'm nowhere nearly as experienced as you or the other posters here but I'd like to contribute my 2 cents anyway.
    Been playing for about two months, control last season and aggro in the current one. Granted, the decisions to take are quite different but I wouldn't say one sort is so much harder (or requires more decision making) than the other. And "small errors often pile up and cause you to lose the match" applies to aggro, too.
    Simple goal? The fact is, language is sometimes ambiguous. If you mean simple to define, we can agree on that. If you mean simple to achieve, I beg to differ.
     The reason why decision making in Control decks is harder in my opinion is that they are generally made up of a more diverse card pool. To be more precise, Control decks consist of cards that serve a variety of different purposes. While an Aggro deck (as mentioned above) primarily consists of cards meant to deal direct damage to your opponent Control decks aren't as streamlined. 
    When it comes to aggro decks basically every card in the deck is part of their win condition since outracing their opponent is their entire game plan. For Control decks that is not true. Controls decks usually consist of their Win Condition, Single Target Removal, AoE, Stall, Card Filtering/Draw and Utility cards. 
    Each and every one of these categories of cards requires the player to make certain decisions unique in their nature due to the cards differing quite a lot in their purpose. Due to that decision making is, if we don't want to call it straight up harder, at the very least more complex. And yes, while small mistakes pile up for aggro too it is much easier to make those small mistakes with a complex deck consisting of a more diverse card pool. 
    Aggro decks are by no means "decision free". They are actually a very good tool to get used to important mechanics like positioning, correct mulligans and trading, skills without which even the simplest deck will fail. There is just not enough complexity in the decks to really really require any decision making beyond that. 
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    Okay let's just do a serious reply. 

    The main reason for control being harder to play or requiring more skill than aggro is because there is more decision making involved in playing control decks. The more decision making there is the more room for error you got and small errors often pile up and cause you to loose the match in Hearthstone. 

    That is in a nutshell why Control decks require more skill. 

    Aggro decks are much simpler in their structure and their concept. An aggro deck has the rather simple goal of dishing out as much damage as quick as possible. Nearly all of the cards in an aggro deck are simply means to achieve this one goal. There are very few cards in any aggro deck that serve a different purpose than that. 

    Not only does this very simple structure help with draw consistency - one of the main reasons aggro is so good - but it also takes away a lot of the decision making of every turn. A simple goal and a deck only designed to reach that simple goal results in a deck that does not require you to make hard decisions. It is generally easier to decide which move is the right one as opposed to control decks in which the variety of options and answers at your disposal make it harder to always choose the correct action.

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    Quote from Tehserc >>

    Vicious Syndicate also said that Sunkeeper Tarim is actually most likely the expansion's best legendary.

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